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Repair and Replacement in Detroit, MI

Repairing or replacing a roof is very important to a building’s safety and vale. It can be difficult to justify the need for a new roof if you can not see the damage that is being created from long term exposure to the elements. That is why we take time to thoroughly inspect your buildings roof before we work on it or replace it.

Roof replacement is a difficult task and will only be done if the recovery or replacement of your roof is not plausible. You can rest assured that our team is experts in our field and will be perform the replacement with skill and care. Educated decisions pertaining to maintenance, repairs, recovers or replacements can only be made when there is a thorough understanding of the roofing materials and their relationships within a system and to the building.

24/7 Service Department

If you have a warranty issue or an emergency problem that needs attention, we will be able to respond and address the situation at any time! Our service professionals are knowledgeable, experienced and deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. Before and after photographs and roof drawings are submitted with each job. Client roof maintenance history logs are kept on file for future reference and use.

Projects in Detroit, MI

Tri-Star Roofing Commercial Roofing Projects in Detroit, MI. These are some of our recent commercial roofing projects we are working on in Detroit, MI. We will keep you updated as the projects progresses!